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Soya bean (Akuri Ater):

Soya bean (Akuri Ater):


is multipurpose, most nutritionally rich crop as it’s dry seed contains the highest protein and oil content among grain legumes with a good balance of essential amino acids and oil. Oil content ranges from 14% to 23 % and protein content from 32% to 50%. This plant is classed as an oil seed rather than a pulses by the un food and agricultural organization (FAQ). It is sown on June and harvested between Decembers and January . the major production of soya bean is between 250 and 450 N latitude at an altitude of less than 1000m with a wide range of well drained soil . the major Ethiopian regions with high potential of soya bean grown are benishangule –gumuz snnpr and gojam (JAWI) .

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