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About Qine Trading


About Qine trading

Qine trading plc. is established by Ethiopian family members with conviction of providing the environmental friendly Ethiopian agro commodities to the global consumers.

Our company is very positioned to provide you fresh products directly from the growers and farmers who have done it for hundreds of years in a natural and environmental friendly manner. Qine trading PLC specializes in supply chain management of agricultural commodities such as coffees, oil seeds, pulses, and spices with a highly experienced team of trading, finance, shipping and logistics

Ethiopia is center of origin for coffee. The Arabica coffee is the best organic coffee globally known for its quality. 95% of Ethiopian coffee grows in small hold farmers with the distinctiveness of its organic farming, selectively peaking of the dried and ripe cherries and processing in clean natural environments.

Ethiopian oil seeds , pulses & spices are mostly organically produced . Ethiopia produces oilseeds , pulses & spices known for their flavor and nutritional value area expansion by virgin and fertile lands offers good opportunities for organic production .

Pulses & oilseeds are respectively the second and third most important crop types in Ethiopia , both in terms of land uses and actual production . in 2013/14, total pulses production amounted to 28.6 million quintals and oilseeds production to 7.1 million quintals

The wide range of agre-climatic condition of the country contributed the diversity of many spices. The average land coverage by spice is approximately 222,700 ha and total production 244,000 ton/annum.

When dealing with Qine trading plc. , our customers will achieve greatest and first-class Ethiopian coffee, oilseeds , pulses and spices with a punctual delivery

Vision & Mission

satisfying our clients by supplying high quality and organic Ethiopian coffees , oilseeds , pulses and spices .



With our firsthand experience and knowledge about Ethiopia. We supply best organic. Ethiopian coffees, oilseeds, pulses and spices grown in a clean and natural environment

Environmental and labor standards

We are committed to environmental protection and labor standards . all our products come from a known farm . qine trading plc is developed based on tradition maintained for generations to keep the taste of the product.

Client – oriented service

We provide personalized client –oriented services to each , according to her or his demands



Professional excellence

We combine our experience and knowledge about our products with professional excellence. we have developed a strong partnership with professionals that are well equipped to make sure our clients get the highest quality Ethiopian coffee

Reliability and dependability

We are punctual in delivering orders within the shipment period while maintaining the quality of our products

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continue improvement in supplying products with constant desire to learn , improve and satisfy our clients

Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to fair trade, we believe that small hold farmers and community members should benefit from the global trade. Our company is committed to share 5% of its profit to local coffee growing communities to support educational and health centers
Satisfying our clients by supplying high quality and organic Ethiopian Coffees, Oilseeds ,Pulses and spices
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